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Parker products on technology Compressed air treatment (CAT) are introduced by the solutions of world-known brands, which are a part of Parker Corporation - Domnick Hunter, Hiross, Zander and Origa.
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Filters, filtration cartridges, air preparation systems in combinations with regulators and lubricators are described in details in section «Filters and cartridges». Compressed air filter is an essential element of pneumatic system. Reliable and efficient operation of systems with compressed air directly depends on the quality of compressed air filter. Filters for sterile purification of compressed air and gases, vapours, liquids, beverages are described in section «Filtration».

Refrigerated, desiccant, tandem and membrane air dryers, carbon adsorbers are described in «Compressed Air Dryers»section. Parker has a wide range of compressed air dryers for various industrial conditions.

For information on air and water cooled aftercoolers, chillers and dry coolers refer to section «Aftercoolers, chillers and dry coolers».

Aftercoolers represent a cost effective solution for easy water vapours removal and compressed air cooling until safe levels.

Chillers is a perfect solution for water or antifreeze fluid cooling in a closed circuit by means of a refrigeration cycle, featuring superior reliability, high energy efficiency and accurate temperature control of the chilled fluid.

Dry coolers (cooling towers) - heat exchangers with extremely low energy consumption, where water is cooled down thanks to forced circulating ambient air.

Products for drying and purification of technical gases are described in section «Drying and purification of technical gases». With Zander product of special series it is possible to perform an efficient cleaning of natural gas and associated petroleum gas, hydrocarbon gases, industrial gases (hydrogen, oxygen, Sulphur and nitrogen compounds, noble gases).

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